• All of our students will have an online personalized learning plan (“PLP”) tailored to their unique learning goals, competency, needs and style. Orenda has partnered with other experts to provide a unique web based online tool that students, parents and teachers are able to access at all times. Because of the PLP, students and parents will have clear goals, and can track outcomes in all learning areas in real time.

    In addition our teacher’s load their lessons and additional instructional resources on the Blackboard web based teacher Instructional learning platform (“TIP”) for 24/7 online access that allows our instruction to be personalized for each student. Our students and parents utilize the TIP to access their teacher’s content, plus additional instructional resources, submit work and track their progress 24/7.

    Because of our unique PLP and TIP platforms, our students have ownership over their learning, the ability to move at their own pace, can access instructional resources at anytime, and utilize what works best for their learning style.