• Fall 2022 UPDATE: We are in the process of updating our session as a video so that you can watch anytime, anywhere!  More details to come. 

    This is a venue created for all prospective (curious, as well as serious) student families or other interested Bell County citizens to explain all things Nolan Creek.... including (but not limited to) curriculum offerings, teaching philosophies, extracurricular activities and plans for future classroom about an hour about once a month throughout the year.

    Appointments with the Principal and "shadowing" visits that allow prospective students to attend our school for a day can be made by contacting the campus.

    For more information, call the school office at 254-939-4491.

    During July (when the school office is closed), information can be gained by contacting the district office, Orenda Education, at 512-869-3020.

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