• Weather-Related School Delays & Closures

    The decision to delay or cancel a school day is officially made by the Orenda Charter Schools Superintendent, and that decision is posted on the school web site and school Facebook page no later than 6 AM.     

    The decision to delay or cancel school is based on actual driving conditions (not just news reported) in the early morning hours, along with local weather reports and radar, and with consideration for parents with careers whose work has not been canceled or delayed.   

    The decision to delay or cancel school can be made earlier or the evening before, but only if severe weather conditions warrant such.  Assume school will start at the regular times until you see the official notice delaying or canceling school.  

    Sometimes our decision will be different than the local ISD’s.  We are not a large ISD with a fleet of buses and schools in the area.  What the ISD's decide is considered but is not a sufficient condition in our decision-making process.   

    While most of our Nolan Creek families live in Belton and Temple, we do have a percentage who live in out lier areas where driving conditions may be different from the area surrounding our campus.    If our school is not delayed or canceled, and the driving conditions where you live are more treacherous, you may choose to arrive later or remain at home until those conditions improve.

    Our philosophy is to always prioritize safety but also to save delayed days and canceled school days for the truly severe weather.   If conditions are such that a little extra drive time allows the vast majority of our school families and staff to arrive safely, we will start school on time so we can continue our critical work of academic instruction for a full day.