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    While Nolan Creek is open to all students, it is important that each prospective student and family understand that Nolan Creek offers a specific educational program that is described on this website and in our school charter.

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    Nolan Creek School is an open-enrollment public charter school that accepts all students from Bell County and surrounding areas as long as there is space available. However, based on our approved charter, students that reside within the boundaries of Belton, Killeen, Temple, Harker Heights, and Salado receive priority enrollment.  Unlike regular public school districts that must accept all students residing within the school district boundary, Nolan Creek can and does limit the number of student admissions. 

    During the month of January (open enrollment), enrollment forms can be completed online. At all other times, the following process must be followed.

    In order to assure Nolan Creek is the best educational fit for a prospective student, families should review this website and attend an introductory session.   If the student family desires additional information to make an informed decision, they should schedule an appointment with school admissions staff.