Small School Environment

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  • Small School Features & Benefits

    For academic, social and financial reasons, Nolan Creek School will limit the total campus student enrollment to about 150 elementary students (Grades K- 4) and 150 middle school students (Grades 5-8). 

    We believe some students do better in a smaller school environment and numerous studies show that smaller schools can have superior academic results because the Head of School and other school leaders can better monitor the quality of academic instruction taking place each day and have a greater influence over the school culture.

    Although we seek to keep our class sizes a little smaller than many of the traditional schools in the area, research studies have clearly shown that the skills of the teacher are a greater contributing factor to superior academic results than class size.  We do seek to have the following average number of students in a classroom led by a certified teacher. 

    20:1    Grades K - 1
    22:1    Grades 2 - 4 
    24:1    Grades 5
    25:1    Grades 6 - 12

    A smaller school allows students more opportunities to be involved in the life of a school, in student government and leadership, and in social clubs.  A smaller school can also produce a special feeling of camaraderie and team spirit because a smaller pool of classmates are concentrating their efforts to organize a variety show, or ace the final exam.  The students get to know just about everybody in a small school and build relationships with other classmates and faculty.