School Profile

  • Type of School:  An open enrollment public charter school for both male and females in Grades K-8.

    Opened 2017 

    Master Enrollment Plan:

    Elementary (K-4)          150

    Middle School (5-8)       150

    School Features

    • Small School Advantage
    • STEAM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math)
    • Fully Embraces Student Centric Technology
    • Member of the University Interscholastic League
    • Accreditation:  Nolan Creek School is accredited by the Texas Education Agency


    School Colors:   Kelly Green & Black

    School Mascot:  Horned Frog

    School Ideal:   "Citizen, Scholar, Athlete"







Horned Frog logo
teachers sitting in front of chalk board
Three elementary students standing next to each other