School Overview

  • Nolan Creek School is an open-enrollment public charter school that currently offers grades K-6  to students in Bell County.  The mission of the school is to prepare our students for admission and success at a top tier university, while nurturing a spirit of generosity, promoting America's founding principles, and imparting 21st century skills for living well in an inter-connected world.

    Nolan Creek is known for its exceptional academic program. An abundance of College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP courses will be offered. All courses are taught by certified and “Highly Qualified” teachers as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.  There is NO TUITION to attend Nolan Creek and enrollment is open to all students until available seats have been filled. 

    Smaller and more intimate by design, Nolan Creek offers a public school education that feels and functions like a private school. With a senior class of about 50 students each year – Nolan Creek will be about 1/8 the size of other area public high schools. This smaller size is critical, because it offers a “human scale” to the learning environment, and allows students greater access to teaching staff, resources and school activities.

    Conceived around the ideal “Citizen, Scholar, Athlete,” Nolan Creek represents some of the best thinking in educational innovation.  We differ from the large traditional high school model in several ways.  Our smaller student body, incorporation of the "blended-learning", "flipped-classroom" instructional techniques, and full integration of new technology to enhance the learning experience set us apart.

    Nolan Creek is a part of the Orenda Charter Schools system. Orenda Education ( is the sponsoring entity for Orenda Charter Schools. Orenda Education is a non-profit educational organization incorporated in 1995 and headquartered in Georgetown, Texas.

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