Nolan Creek School

         Belton, Texas       


Fees, Tuition & Donations

SY 2016-17 T.E.C. Fee:
K - 6 Students = $100 per student per year  
7 - 12 Students = $200 per student per year

As an open-enrollment publicly funded charter school Nolan Creek does not charge tuition. 

Because charter schools receive about $2,000 less per student in public funding than traditional public school districts (Click here for the School Funding Study)Nolan Creek School requests that each student family consider voluntarily participating in our Annual Fund Drive by becoming a Horned Frog Club Member.

The Horned Frog Club Annual Fund Drive is how we raise the money to make up for this $2,000 per student funding gap.   Because we must use "instructional revenue" to also cover our building and facilities construction and maintenance costs, Horned Frog Fund revenues allow us to recruit and retain talented faculty and offer our unique and comprehensive academic, athletic, fine arts and other extra-curricular programs.  

Also, your incentives are established during the school year time frame of Aug. 1 through July 31, so when each August's orientations occur, you'll have an idea if you qualify for those incentives (i.e. waivers of fees and after school supervision) based on donations made to date. 

In addition, while we are very appreciative of matching gifts from companies where you work, the matched amount does not "count" towards your total gifted amount in order to determine your annual level of giving (i.e. Frog 100 Club, Golden Lillypad Club, etc.).  That could affect what "gifts of appreciation" and/or additional benefits you may receive from Orenda Education (i.e. polo shirts, decals, stadium seats, gold cards, etc.).

Gator Club Giving Levels:

$1,200 per student per year or $100 per month (Frog 100 Level)
$2,400 per student per year or $200 per month (Golden Lillypad Level)
$10,000 per student total giving (Hall of Fame Level)

Each Frog 100 Level Member receives the following:

  • Auto decal of the logo 
  • Embroidered Horned Frog Polo Shirt 
  • Invites to informal evening "Reception with the Head of School" (2 opportunities each year)

Each Golden Lilly Pad Level Member receives the following:

All of the above plus;
Gold Card;

  • Featuring free entry into every school-sponsored athletic event and/or fine arts presentation (i.e. theater, art shows, dance team exhibitions, choral/instrumental presentations)
  • Premium reserved seating for graduation and large assemblies

  • Portable "Frog Chair" to attach to bleachers 

Each "Hall of Fame" Level Member receives all of the above, plus:

  • Nameplate placed on the Horned Frog Club Commemorative "Hall of Fame" Plaque located at Nolan Creek School.  We will continue this campaign throughout the school year or until our goal is obtained. 

To make a donation, click on this link to a secured PayPal supported site......  Complete the donation form and hit submit.  A development officer will follow up with you.  Your donations make it possible to offer an "Exemplary" rated public school of choice here in Bell County.